… the enormous city that fits in a room three yards square, and endless like a galaxy…
Octavio Paz, I speak of the City, 1986

Windows to Mexico City life

As a part of the Guest City exhibition of the Beijing Desing Week 2019, the Mexico CityRoom pavilion was designed to share iconic moments of Mexico City on a public square in Beijing.

Inspired by Octavio Paz's poem I speak of the City (1986), Mexico CityRoom encapsuled the galaxy of a city into a single room and filled it with interactive windows: allowing its visitors to discover places, traditions and cultural moments of the endless and diverse Mexico City.

As a sign of bonding between popular cultures, the architecture of the pavilion, as well as its interactive features, were inspired by the Ying-yang and Ollin symbols; since complementary and dynamic facets of the city were shown to the public.

Mexico CityRoom told Beijing citizens a story about a city that constantly transforms itself; reinvented by its people, in the search for a more meaningful, democratic and creative urban life.

Mexico CityRoom was exhibited in a public square in the 751 D Park area northeast Beijing, where main art, cultural and fashion events take place.


The pavilion windows offered the visitor both material and electronic ways to explore moments chosen by citizens from all corners of Mexico City. Movable color screens with iconographic motifs allowed them to discover the city as seen through the eyes of Mexico City’s photographers.

Scanning the windows through Augmented Reality technology in their cell phones, visitors could watch videos and hear audios according to each icon; thus enhancing the experience of the City. With help of a guide map, they could further feed their imaginary visit to Mexico City.