… the enormous city that fits in a room three yards square, and endless like a galaxy…
Octavio Paz, I speak of the City, 1986

Windows to Mexico City life

As a part of the Guest City exhibition of the Beijing Desing Week 2019, the Mexico CityRoom pavilion was designed to share iconic moments of Mexico City on a public square in Beijing.

Inspired by Octavio Paz's poem I speak of the City (1986), Mexico CityRoom encapsuled the galaxy of a city into a single room and filled it with interactive windows: allowing its visitors to discover places, traditions and cultural moments of the endless and diverse Mexico City.

As a sign of bonding between popular cultures, the architecture of the pavilion, as well as its interactive features, were inspired by the Ying-yang and Ollin symbols; since complementary and dynamic facets of the city were shown to the public.

Mexico CityRoom told Beijing citizens a story about a city that constantly transforms itself; reinvented by its people, in the search for a more meaningful, democratic and creative urban life.

Mexico CityRoom was exhibited in a public square in the 751 D Park area northeast Beijing, where main art, cultural and fashion events take place.