… The name of this sun is nao ollin (4-movement). This is our sun, it belongs to those who live today. This is its sign, this one right here, because it fell down on the Sun fire of Teotihuacan’s divine oven. It was the same Sun of Topilzin (our son) from Tollan, Quetzalcóatl [...]

Legend of the Suns, Codex Chimalpopoca 

Caracol de Viento
Wind Snail

Wind Snail was a pavilion that intended to share a unique and contemporary perspective about Mexican cultural heritage -that of Mesoamerica- in a public space in the heart of Mexico City. On the Wind Snail, sustainability and historical identity were joined by a playful combination of shapes, materials and activities.

Wind Snail portrays one of the origin myths of Mesoamerica, which based the creation of humanity on the deed of the cultural hero Quetzalcóatl. It has been told that this hero rescued humanity from its bones, which were lost and scattered in the Mictlán -the world of the dead-. He did so by becoming a blowing wind which pierced and travel through a snail shell: thus echoing outside as a musical word. The Wind Snail signals the birth of culture as a place for art -the redeeming force of humanity. We made a playground out of this legend...